Omexom New Zealand

Achieving New Zealand's low carbon energy transition

  • Omexom New Zealand’s solutions target those who produce, transform and transport electricity, including local authorities.
  • Low-carbon energy

    Building low-carbon energy sources & developing the grids​

  • Optimized energy use

    Promoting optimized energy use​

  • Innovative and collaborative solutions

    Implementing innovative and collaborative solutions​

Holidays Act 2003 Notification for former employees

Electrix trading as Omexom New Zealand  advises all former employees employed between 1 September 2012 and 30 October 2020, that you may be due a payment under the requirements of the Holidays Act 2003.  The Act is the fundamental piece of New Zealand legislation outlining leave entitlements for employees.

Former employees are requested to contact Omexom New Zealand via email at to see if you are due a payment.  This email is only for Holidays Act enquiries – for all other enquiries, email

Fraud Alert

There have been instances of false purchase orders being issued in the name of Electrix, trading as Omexom New Zealand.  We take this matter very seriously and want to ensure that our business is secure from any malicious actions.  We kindly request relevant parties to take extra caution in verifying the legitimacy of any purchase request from Electrix or Omexom.  Cross-referencing purchase order formatting with previous legitimate purchase orders (i.e. purchase  previously paid by us) is advised.  Also reaching out to a contact person within Omexom to confirm the request is a good precaution.  These steps are crucial to prevent any unauthorized transactions and maintain the security of both our businesses.  If in doubt or having concerns regarding a purchase order, please contact us immediately on 09 270 1700.

Omexom New Zealand

Electrix, trading as Omexom New Zealand,  is a leading provider of engineering, construction and maintenance services to asset owners in the utility, industrial, commercial, resources, and infrastructure sectors. We have been in business in New Zealand since 1955 and became part of the multinational VINCI Group in 2014. Growth is an important part of our strategy as we continue to extend our capability and explore opportunities in new markets, while bringing extensive experience and expertise to projects, and longevity to customer relationships.

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