Omexom NZ Field crew

Omexom New Zealand has a statement of purpose centered around “Pride, Performance and Value“, which gives us a solid foundation and direction. Our culture is open and supportive which ensures that we work as a cohesive and united team sharing a commitment to our customers and each other.

We have been in business in New Zealand since 1955, and growth is an important part of our strategy as we continue to extend our capabilities in the Commercial sector, Distribution, Gas, Generation, Industrial, Telecommunications, Transmission, Transport, and Water infrastructure services.


Our growth means that we now have more than 1,000 people including many long term employees, especially at a senior level. We, therefore,  bring extensive experience to projects and longevity to customer relationships.

In 2014, VINCI Energies, a French global business with a similar culture and values, secured Electrix Pty Ltd and in 2023, we adopted the international brand  Omexom, a global leader in the energy infrastructure services industry.  Hence, we became known as Omexom New Zealand.

VINCI Energies has a strong focus on combining international expertise with local service, providing the financial strength and stability to support short-term and complex long term projects, all the while benefitting from access to worldwide expertise.