Enhancing operational freedom with new drone license

In compliance with New Zealand’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulations outlined in Part 101, drone operators are subject to specific constraints concerning flying hours, altitude, and landowner permissions. As a drone operator, Omexom New Zealand has successfully obtained the Part 102 license, a departure from Part 101 limitations, providing increased operational flexibility for Omexom.

The Part 102 license frees Omexom from Part 101 restrictions, allowing for broader, more efficient and effective drone operations in asset maintenance and hazard mitigation.  Omexom presented an exposition to the CAA, outlining specific rule deviations and risk management strategies, gaining approval for enhanced operational benefits.

Under Part 102, Omexom need only notify landowners rather than seek individual permissions, streamlining the process.  Night operations are also permitted, offering expanded possibilities for previously-restricted tasks in low-light conditions.  Access to low flight zones allows Omexom to navigate challenging terrains for more detailed data capture.

The new license also facilitates enhanced collaboration with local authorities, such as the Auckland City Council.  As drone technology continues to evolve, our Part 102 license positions the company at the forefront of innovation, broadens our scope of activities to support our clients, and promotes responsible drone utilization in compliance with aviation regulations.