Omexom at VINCI NZ Careers Day

The VINCI Careers Day on the 20th of April 2023 was a significant event for Omexom New Zealand as it marked the first appearance of the company post-rebranding. It was an exciting opportunity for Omexom NZ to showcase its new brand identity and capabilities to potential talents in the industry.

At the event, Omexom NZ had a brand-new booth set up, which featured the company’s refreshed branding elements. The booth was designed to reflect the company’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and sustainability. This event provided a fantastic opportunity for the company to introduce its new brand identity to a wider audience.

The VINCI Careers Day was organized to provide staff working on the City Rail Link project with other opportunities within the VINCI network in New Zealand and Australia. Nine VINCI companies attended the event, attracting around 150 attendees. Out of those attendees, 31 expressed their interest in working for Omexom NZ, which was a fantastic achievement for the company.

Representing Omexom NZ at the event were Dhanesh Ramanlal (Senior Project Manager), Melissa Clapp, and Diego Rojas (HR). They showcased the company’s vision, mission, and values, highlighting the benefits of working with Omexom NZ. The team received positive feedback from the attendees, who were impressed by the company’s new branding elements and its commitment to excellence.

In conclusion, Omexom New Zealand’s appearance at the VINCI Careers Day was a significant milestone for the company as it marked the first event post-rebranding. The event provided the company with an excellent opportunity to showcase its capabilities and new brand identity to potential talents in the industry. It reinforced the company’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and sustainability, setting a high standard for future events.