Omexom at 2024 CDES STEM Career Expo

Omexom New Zealand was one of 90 employers at the 2024 CDES STEM Career Expo held at the University of Auckland. This expo was open to students from all faculties, and it is estimated that 1,000 – 1,200 students attended the event each day.

The students commented that they enjoyed the engagement, information sharing, and insights into Omexom’s role supporting the New Zealand electricity supply industry. They were amazed at the scope of Omexom’s scope of work in the country, while keen to learn more about the career opportunities through our international network in 67 countries.

We had seven staff at the expo on behalf of Omexom, who also enjoyed interacting with the students representing the next generation of engineers, scientists, technicians, etc.

Senior Project Manager Karan Singh, from our Transmission and Substation Perimeter, said that it was a good platform to expose the company to up-and-coming talent, and a good opportunity for the reps to scout for talent.