Omexom New Zealand joins landmark Watercare project

Omexom New Zealand is thrilled to be selected as a partner in the significant Watercare asset renewal programme, ushering in the new year with a commitment to the initial phase of this ambitious $3.5 billion asset renewal programme.  After a meticulous three-month evaluation, successful companies, including Omexom, were selected to contribute to the first half of this decade-long initiative aimed at renewing aging water and wastewater infrastructure, such as pump stations and treatment plants.

Suzanne Lucas, Watercare’s General Manager Asset Upgrades and Renewals, highlighted the challenges in selecting partners from a pool of strong applicants.  The decision-making process focused on a comprehensive set of criteria, emphasizing demonstrated commitments to health and safety, sustainability, carbon reduction initiatives, efficiency, and delivery capabilities.  Omexom’s selection is testament to our capabilities, professionalism and health safety culture.

Lucas underscored the strategic importance of a partnership approach, providing companies like Omexom with the certainty of a forward works programme, enabling confidence in investing in the right personnel and cutting-edge technology.   Omexom’s strong commitment to upskilling, continual enhancement of both capability and capacity to support the needs of our clients is what makes us stand out, providing quality focused and efficient results in all our projects.

We are eager to contribute to the success of this unprecedented venture, and are aligned with Watercare’s vision for a more resilient and sustainable water infrastructure.   This partnership represents another milestone in Omexom’s commitment to excellence and innovation in our nearly-70 year history of delivering successful critical projects in New Zealand.   Omexom New Zealand is the trading name of Electrix Limited.