Omexom New Zealand supports the environment and the community

Omexom New Zealand is trialing a new programme with Te Whāngai Trust, called Te Whangai a Tree, Whangai A Future.  The Te Whangai A Tree programme is an initiative aimed at environmental restoration and #communitydevelopment in New Zealand.

It involves Omexom employees growing and nurturing native trees either at home or in the office, until they are ready to be planted at a Te Whangai location. This initiative benefits the #environment and also makes a significant impact on the lives of vulnerable rangatahi.

New Zealand’s social statistics are the worst in the OECD, and we have a rapidly increasing number of #welfare dependent whanau.  Te Whangai creates hope and opportunity for those who have none by reducing dependency on welfare and the prison population one life at a time.  Every person they keep from going to prison saves the taxpayer $120,000 per year.  Every young person who doesn’t enter the welfare system saves $1.2 million in their lifetime.

By taking the responsibility to care for a tree, Omexom is helping to provide these individuals with a tangible connection to nature and a sense of purpose.  Every tree represents a step towards helping one of New Zealand’s youth who lack representation, while creating a brighter, greener future for everyone.