Electrix is now Omexom New Zealand

New Zealand energy services contractor Electrix has completed a rebranding programme and is now operating under its new name, Omexom.  Omexom and Omexom New Zealand are trading names of Electrix Limited.

In 2014, Electrix was acquired by French company VINCI Energies, a global leader in the energy sector with 1,900 business units operating in 39 countries worldwide. With the name change to Omexom, Electrix strengthens its integration and affiliation with VINCI Energies’ energy infrastructure services.

Founded in New Zealand in 1955, Electrix established itself as a leading provider of engineering, construction, and maintenance services to asset owners in the electricity and gas utility, industrial, commercial, resources, and infrastructure sectors.

With our 1,000+ employees in 29 locations nationwide and $328 M in revenue, Omexom will continue its long standing partnerships with Vector, Transpower, Auckland Transport, and Firstgas, while servicing our newer clients Auckland District Health Board, Powerco and City Rail Link Limited.

The rebranding positions the business as part of a global name with shared values and vast resources, while maintaining a solid commitment to safety, excellence, and sustainable solutions.

Omexom NZ MD Mornez Green

“Since our founding, we’ve experienced tremendous growth, so much so that we’ve now become an integrated part of VINCI Energies, a global giant in the energy infrastructure services sector,” said Managing Director Mornez Green.

“It’s now the opportune time to evolve our brand thanks to our growing client portfolio and global ties. Today, as Omexom New Zealand, we are bigger, better and poised to deliver a greater breadth of expertise and experience to contribute to Aotearoa’s transition to a low carbon economy.”

Mornez said: “We are excited to bring the international Omexom brand to New Zealand to assist our partners in the energy transition through building low-carbon energy sources, promoting optimized energy use and implementing innovative and collaborative solutions.”

“It is an honour to be part of this future. Our expertise will make the transition to Omexom a smooth experience.”