New Managing Director for Omexom with the New Year

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Omexom New Zealand’s new Managing Director Mornez Green, who succeeds Robert Ferris, MD for the last four years. Omexom and Omexom New Zealand are trading names of Electrix Limited.


Mornez is a 32 year veteran of the electricity industry, having started his career in 1991 as an electrical engineer in training in South Africa. He migrated with his family to New Zealand in 2006, joining Electrix in 2009 as Regional Manager and then working his way up to Distribution Services Perimeter Director in August 2018.


In late 2021, Mornez was selected as Robert Ferris’ successor.  Mornez now starts 2023 as the new Managing Director of Omexom New Zealand.


Mornez is a strong advocate for raising the profile of the gas and electricity industries, and exploring career pathways for aspiring engineers and technicians into industry.


With this aim in mind, Mornez joined the board of PEET, the Power Engineering Excellence Trust, established by industry and academia to connect with and inspire tomorrow’s power engineering talent.  Omexom New Zealand runs a number of apprenticeship programmes which help young people find their ideal roles in the industry and forge a solid career path for their future.


“I’m looking forward to bringing Omexom on Aotearoa’s new energy transition journey, through the development of low-carbon energy sources and building the future-focused grid.  Omexom will help the nation optimise energy use, and implement innovative and collaborative solutions,” said Mornez.


“The focus on zero carbon and renewable energy sources, as well as wind, solar and hydrogen is creating more opportunities for Kiwis, and it is an exciting time for the industry as a whole.”



Mornez added: “Our clients are confident in our experience and abilities, and more importantly, our agility to scale up to any project now and into the future, thanks to our relationship with our parent company VINCI Energies. This connection allows us access to extensive expertise and skillsets globally, anywhere, any time.” Electrix

“What’s more, the international connection with the larger VINCI ecosystem allows our staff great growth opportunities, experience and exposure.”